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GoSignMeUp is your
Distance Learning Solution

Create a webinar ready distance training solution with GoSignMeUp!  In addition to integration with LMS sytems such as Blackboard and Canvas, GoSignMeUp is webinar ready and works with remote training tools such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams and GoToWebinar.

GoSignMeUp makes it easy to pivot to online training by supporting distance learning technology – GoSignMeUp is perfect for Distance Learning!

GoSignMeUp for Distance Learning

GoSignMeUp can add Zoom, Microsoft Meeting, Google Hangouts, Cisco Webex, and other webinar platform links to existing or new courses.  GoSignMeUp automatically sends out emails with the course details, instructions and links when students register for those courses!

If you don’t wish to integrate with an LMS, GoSignMeUp has a clear and simple upgrade path to become a Learning Management System, complete with video hosting!  Start with registrations and grow in to a powerful LMS with Learning Stream – the upgrade is seamless.

GoSignMeUp is Registration Management That Grows With You

GoSignMeUp Is Webinar Ready

Course confirmation emails and reminders can contain those webinar links, making it easy to include web-based training as a part of your instruction.  Tracking attendance and progress for professional development or certification programs in GoSignMeUp on the administration side keeps things organized.  When things begin to cycle back to normal, GoSignMeUp also works with classroom training as well.

Manage both online and in-seat courses using GoSignMeUp!

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Webinar Ready
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