View Available Courses in a Calendar View 

GoSignMeUp’s online class registration software includes multiple ways to display your course offerings in a Calendar view.
There are many ways to view Courses in a Calendar!
The standard calendar view (shown) links directly to the expanded course description
offering additional information and also the ability to immediately sign up for the class.

You can also link your GoSignMeUp system to a Google Calendar, to share or embed in a web page (scroll down for more).

Once enrolled in the course, GoSignMeUp sends out a confirmation email to participants. This email can contain up to 5 attachments, gives details about the course, and includes a VCS file to add the information to a student’s local Calendar. Two other reminder emails will also go out as the course date approaches – automatically!

View Courses in a Calendar

      Easy To Plan

Visitors can see exactly what courses are offered and when.


Clicking a link brings up the expanded course description.

View Courses in a Calendar

Class Page

      Sign Up

Students can enroll from the calendar view when they click the link to the expanded descripton.

      Social media

Anyone can easily share course information with their friends and peers using social media.


Shows available seats and also can support waiting lists – will automatically send email to those wait-listed when seats become available.

      Course credits

Set up different credit types for each course. The course credit will show on student transcripts and course certificates.

Google Calendar

You can link your courses to a Google Calendar using GoSignMeUp.
This is a great way to share available courses with associates or even embed in to a web site..
Google Calendar