Save Time And Money

Tired of spending lots of effort on mundane and painful tasks such email reminders, class lists, and enrollment reports? Then look no further because GoSignMeUp has the right tools for you to save time and money! When a student signs up for a class or event, they automatically get an email confirming they are enrolled. There is also an additional reminder that goes out to each student before the class starts. These messages can be customized by you and are sent out automatically! Class rosters, sign in sheets, and name tags. No problem! With just a few mouse clicks … done! Want to get an update with class enrollments? Then have GoSignMeUp automatically email you the latest class size details! Communicating to students is an easy process because GoSignMeUp gives you the ability to email individual students as well as entire classes. The bottom line is – GoSignMeUp will make your organization more productive while saving you lots of Time and Money!

Automated Email Functions

      Confirmation Email

Students automatically receive a confirmation email when their class registration is complete. This email will contain a global message, and can include course-specific content if desired. Confirmation emails are also placed in the student’s account area where they can be accessed by the student at any time.

    Reminder Email

GoSignMeUp provides two automatic course reminder emails that can be sent to all course enrollees at a set amount of days prior to the course’s start date. The global message can be customized by your team in the web-based administration area. Manual reminder emails can also be sent by a system administrator at any time.

      Custom email groups

Create an email database template that will pull a subset of the students in the system based on previous courses taken, demographic data or any other student fields. Save Time And Money using GoSignMeUp’s automated functions!

Automatede Email Functions