GoSignMeUp Data Security

GoSignMeUp Data Security

There have been concerns about security recently due to the spread of the notorious “Heartbleed” virus, and even more recently the Bash Code Injection Vulnerability issue.  We at GoSignMeUp are committed to safeguarding your data – it is a top priority. The security flaw that Heartbleed was exploiting was an OpenSSL Protocol used on Unix and Linux systems. GoSignMeUp uses Microsoft servers exclusively, so none of our clients were impacted.   Which is why the Bash Code Injection Vulnerability also isn’t an issue, as it impacts Unix , Linux and Apple OS servers only.

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It is a good time however to review your site’s security, especially in regard to usernames and passwords.  Security breeches can happen because of poor administration choices, such as obvious username and password combinations. It is important to not potentially allow access to your site with an administrator account that can be easily hacked. Be sure to use common-sense when choosing passwords; Always use a combination of letters and numbers, and mixing in Upper case with Lower case letters is also recommended, as in mixing in special charaters (@#$%&* etc.). Administrator accounts provide access to virtually all of your user data, so if you are a super-admin on your site it is a good idea to double-check that admin passwords are not easy to hack.   Reminding your staff to change their passwords periodically is also a good idea, especially if your organization experiences a lot of turnover.

In today’s modern world where so much of what we do is internet-based, it is prudent to take measures to safeguard your data.  Periodically changing your password is recommended.  At GoSignMeUp, we stay on top of technology issues and keep our data centers secure.   A combination of common-sense and updated technology is a good way to keep your information safe.

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Sharing Course Details

Now sharing course details is easier than ever!  Responding to customer feedback we have revised the links for the Expanded Course Description details to be much shorter and less cryptic-looking.  Now our customers enjoying the new Ruby public-facing interface can more easily share course information with others thru social media such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook , Email or simply copying/pasting the link.

Sharing Course Details

The Expanded Course Description allows you to share the course information via social media or email.

At the top left of the expanded course description page you will find the sharing options.  Simply clicking on the buttons for LinkedIn, Twitter, or Facebook will quickly allow you to share the course link on those popular social platforms.  You can also easily Email or copy the link using the remaining two options.  This makes sharing courses easy for your students, and helps promote the courses to raise attendance!

Sharing Course Details

Now the links back to your course descriptions are much smaller and less cryptic looking!

Use the social media sharing options and the new shorter URLs to boost attendance and promote your courses using GoSignMeUp  Sharing Course Details has never been easier!

For more information about the Course Catalog click here – http://www.gosignmeup.com/easy-course-registration/



Applying Coupons To Individual Courses

Now GoSignMeUp can be configured to use multiple-coupon codes during check out-  either for the whole order or for an individual course!  Users can’ stack’ many coupons per order and  determine which course it is applied to. 

Applying Coupons To Individual Courses

Simply enable the options in the System Configuration | Coupons (above) area to see it in action (below).

Applying Coupons To Individual Courses

Creating coupons is easy and you can select to use a ‘global’ coupon to be applied to the entire order, or to use the ‘stacked’ coupon which is course specific. Creating course specific (Stacked) coupons automates the process of efficient accounting reports. There would be no need to calculate the discount to a specific course, as that may have been necessary when using one coupon for the entire order. Identifying the actual discounted amount per course is so much easier.

The discount can be a fixed dollar amount or a percentage. The user simply enters the coupon code, then clicks ‘Apply Coupon’.

Coupon codes are maintained and distributed by administrators, and are a great way to promote courses and increase attendance.

Click here for the Help Guide

Looking for a way to simplify your class registration process?
GoSignMeUp is online registration made easy!
GoSignMeUp’s online registration software lets you focus on the course content, not the course paperwork!

Increase enrollments, save time, save money, expand your market and make the entire process easier and more convenient for everyone involved – instructors, administrators and enrollees.  GoSignMeUp integrates with popular Learning Management Systems to create the perfect solution for professional development and continuing education.

Mississippi Department of Education chooses GoSignMeUp

Mississippi Department of Education chooses GoSignMeUp

The Mississippi Department of Education uses GoSignMeUp to deliver and manage their online class registration, professional development and certification.  The Mississippi Department of Education (MDE) offers courses that target teachers, technology coordinators, administration office staff (including the superintendents) in the Mississippi schools. MDE also offers CEU and SEMI credits for the teachers to renew their educational licenses annually. They also offer registration for online webinars and courses offered in higher institutions of education, such as state colleges and community colleges.

MDE professionals use GoSignMeUp to search and register online for their professional development classes. Once registered, automatic email confirmations and reminders are sent and class rosters are created.   GoSignMeUp can optimize your Race to the Top funding or Federal Common Core Money to create a turn-key solution to meet the common core state standards initiative thru professional development. GoSignMeUp is experienced when it comes to CCSS – you can easily put a successful PD plan together with GoSignMeUp  and an LMS such as Haiku, Canvas, Safari Montage and Blackboard learn. Read more

shibboleth integration

Shibboleth Integration

GoSignMeUp has now integrated with Shibboleth for identity management and federated identity-based authentication and authorization. With Shibboleth integration you can take advantage of  ‘single sign-on’ (SSO).  SSO allows your users to sign in to GoSignMeUp and other different organizations or institutions using just one ‘identity’.   Shibboleth integration allows for cross-domain single sign-on and removes the need for content providers to maintain user names and passwords.

Shibboleth is among the world’s most widely deployed federated identity solutions, connecting users to applications both within and between organizations.  A user authenticates with his or her organizational credentials, and the organization (or identity provider) passes the minimal identity information necessary to the service provider to enable an authorization decision. Shibboleth also provides extended privacy functionality allowing a user and their home site to control the attributes released to each application.  GoSignMeUp now benefits from these features thru Shibboleth integration.

GoSignMeUp online class registration and management software saves training organizations time and money – and makes the user experience easier and more secure using Shibboleth integration.

GoSignMeUp also supports other SSO options thru an LMS (such as Blackboard Learn, Haiku,  or Canvas) or Google SSO.


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Are you looking for a turn-key solution to help your district meet Common Core State Standards initiatives?  Then look no further!  We can help you use your Race to the Top funding or Federal Common Core Money to create a turn-key solution to meet the common core state standards initiative thru professional development.  GoSignMeUp has a lot of experience when it comes to CCSS – put a successful PD plan together with GoSignMeUp and an LMS!  We have partnered with Learning Management Solutions such as Blackboard Learn, Haiku, and Canvas – add GoSignMeUp to facilitate course registration, payment and student tracking to create the ultimate learning management and content-delivery system!  Users can search thru an embedable course catalog, sign-up and pay for classes, and seamlessly begin their training using GoSignMeUp.

Check out some of these features;

Race To The Top Funding

  • Automatic course creation
  • Real time registration and seamless transfer
  • Advanced pricing and online credit card, PO, PayPal, or other payment options
  • Grading and transcripts
  • Easy email integration to send users content, links, etc. at your desired frequency
  • Complete reporting, data mining and export features
  • Creates sign-in sheets, name badges, certificates, and more
  • Flexible course setup and calendar view options
  • Customizable site branding
  • Embed course listings directly in to your site with our searchable catalog

Click for more about Managing Common Core Professional Development through GoSignMeUp     Click here for the video

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GoSignMeUp Mobile Compatibility


GoSignMeUp Mobile Compatibility

Does GoSignMeUp work with mobile devices?  Of course!  In fact the new user interface is designed with an iPad in mind – GoSignMeUp Mobile Compatibility! Users can easily search,  browse  and register for courses on their mobile devices using GoSignMeUp.   Both the public side and the administrator pages can be accessed from mobile devices and tablets – you can manage your student information and professional development software on the go!  There is no need to be tied to a desktop computer or land line to register for your courses – just visit your institutions GoSignMeUp

Is There An App For That?

There is currently not a specific ‘app’ for GoSignMeUp.  Because each installation is unique, we would need to program an app for every single unique customer installation – and then both on Android and Apple OS!  More importantly, both Google and Apple charge for merchant applications.  This means any of our customers who charge for courses would lose revenue if their customers accessed their GoSignMeUp sites using a specific mobile ‘app’ to sign up and pay for a course.  Merchant apps are also much more regulated than the host of typical utilities or games – which is why we are web-based but mobile-friendly.  GoSignMeUp  has Mobile Compatibility!