Okta Identity Integration for SSO


GoSignMeUp has now integrated with Okta for identity management and federated identity-based authentication and authorization. With Okta Identity integration you can take advantage of ‘single sign-on’ (SSO). SSO allows your users to sign in to GoSignMeUp and other different organizations or institutions using just one ‘identity’. Okta integration allows for cross-domain single sign-on and removes the need for content providers to maintain user names and passwords. Okta Identity provides an identity and access management platform enabling the right people access to the right things seamlessly and securely. A user authenticates with his or her organizational credentials, and the organization (or identity provider) passes the minimal identity information necessary to the service provider to enable an authorization decision. Okta also provides extended privacy functionality allowing a user and their home site to control the attributes released to each application. GoSignMeUp now benefits from these features through Okta Identity integration. GoSignMeUp online class registration and management software saves training organizations time and money – and makes the user experience easier and more secure using Okta integration.

GoSignMeUp also supports other SSO options thru an LMS (such as Blackboard Learn, Haiku,  or Canvas) Google SSO, CAS and Shibboleth.


Contact GoSignMeUp for pricing information or questions about our registration software.

Changes To Outgoing Email

Changes To Outgoing EmailResponding to emerging internet security standards in regards to outgoing email, GoSignMeUp has made Changes To Outgoing Email.  Internet security standards mandate that the “From:” address be the same domain that the email originates from.  If the domains do not match, most recipient email servers will reject the email as spam.

To ensure mail delivery the “From:” address for emails will be “email@gosignmeup.net” to match the sending domain of the mail server. There will be an additional “Reply to:” field with the typical email address of the email author. Functionality will remain the same for email recipients; Clicking “Reply” on an email client will result in the correct sender address in the response.

Clients also have the option to use their own mail server, to maintain domain-name continuity.

These mandatory changes will result in more reliable email delivery. Please let us know if you have any questions or issues by e-mailing us at “support@gosignmeup.com.”

For more tips on how to avoid your outgoing email being labeled spam, check out this article.

Happy Halloween from GoSignMeUp

Happy Halloween from GoSignMeUp

Happy Halloween from GoSignMeUp!  Our customer support is anything but scary!

Our friendly and knowledgeable U.S. based service and support staff are one of the best features of GoSignMeUp.  From the start, our implementation specialists will draw upon over 20 years of experience to analyze your needs and work with you one-on-one to ensure your GoSignMeUp registration system is optimized to save you time and make your work lives easier.  Training is a personalized experience, with a live instructor walking you through every process, at your own pace, to answer any questions you may have.   Multiple training sessions guide you through every step of the registration system, and ensure that you and your staff are familiar with the many automated and reporting features within the GoSignMeUp registration system.   From setting up the registration fields, branding the site, creating custom completion certificates, crafting engaging emails, to data mining and reporting, our service and support team is ready to champion you and your cause.


Read more about our support team here – http://www.gosignmeup.com/u-s-based-support-and-service/

Watch GoSignMeUp in Action
GoSignMeUp Live Demo

Watch GoSignMeUp in Action!  We give live webinars often to demonstrate the power and ease of GoSignMeUp registration software, so be sure to sign up!  If you can’t make it, click here to view a pre-recorded demonstration at your leisure.  You will be impressed at our streamlined check-out process, powerful automation and reporting functions.  Check it out!


GoSignMeUp Online Registration software integrates with popular LMS platforms such as Blackboard and Canvas.  In our demos we show you the benefits of GoSignMeUp, including a user-searchable institution branded catalog, the ability to charge for courses, automated email functions, automated certificates, and lots of reporting functions.


To visualize how GoSignMeUp facilitates professional development, imagine a bookshelf; the books are the online and in-seat courses, and the bookends that hold everything together are GoSignMeUp!  On the front end, GoSignMeUp simplifies enrollment to an external audience by making it easy for users to search for courses, sign-up for them, pay, and get enrolled.

On the back end, GoSignMeUp manages the administration of the program like tracking course education units, transcript reporting, and sending out surveys and completion certificates! Plus, our powerful analytics are perfect for federal, state, and local reporting as well, to fine-tune and modify classes and course pathways.

Check out  the schedule here – http://www.gosignmeup.com/webinars/

GoSignMeUp Integrates with Canvas

GoSignMeUp provides easy to use and powerful tools for online class registration. It’s unique integration with Canvas delivers some very rich and useful solutions.  GoSignMeUp Integrates with Canvas!

GoSignMeUp provides a registration portal that allows for the students to enroll in (and pay for) Canvas and in-seat classes, as well as monitor their progress. When one signs up for a Canvas class, they will automatically receive an email confirmation from GoSignMeUp. This email confirmation includes a link to their Canvas Account where they then can access to the content they just signed up for. Should they not have a Canvas Account, GoSignMeUp will create one for them.

Additionally, students can sign up for in-seat classes. GoSignMeUp gives you the ability to have a single registration system for all your classes.

To make things even easier, GoSignMeUp delivers a single sign-on solution allowing students to log into GoSignMeUp using their Canvas username and password.

GoSignMeUp offers excellent analytics and reporting, such as tracking educational units and credits, transcript reporting, class history, payments, data mining and much more. These flexible reports can be customized and exported into Excel. Our analytics are perfect for federal, state and local reporting as well to fine tune and modify classes and course pathways.


GoSignMeUp Integrates with Canvas

GoSignMeUp Integrates with Canvas


If you currently are using GoSignMeUp registration software to manage course registrations, its easy to add online content delivery with a learning management system such as the Canvas Learning Management System.  GoSignMeUp is a certified Canvas Learning Management System partner; we have directly integrated our product into the Canvas Learning Management System. Our strong ongoing partnership has created systems in which users register and pay through GoSignMeUp and are then placed in real-time into the Canvas Learning Management System to start their online training.   GoSignMeUp and Canvas Learning Management System integrate seamlessly to create the ultimate on-line professional development platform!  The combination of GoSignMeUp and Canvas Learning Management System let you easily track continuing education units and manage a professional development program.  Canvas allows you to create a cloud-based content delivery system for your instructional content.  With GoSignMeUp, potential students can then search, find and register for courses – and even lets you charge for them if you wish.  Turn an existing online training curriculum in to a profit center by allowing other people outside of your organization to sign up and pay for your existing professional development content!

For more information on how Canvas Learning Management System integrates with GoSignMeUp Registration, visit http://canvas.gosignmeup.com/

GoSignMeUp is a Certified Canvas Partner!

Home Page Redesign

GoSignMeUp Registration Software Home Page Redesign

GoSignMeUp is happy to announce a new, simple, quick-loading Home Page Redesign for everyone!  Now the most popular features are only a mouse-click away after administrators log-in to their GoSignMeUp system.   The GoSignMeUp Registration Software Home Page Redesign launches quickly and has the entire top menu available, gives a quick status update about pending emails, and quick-launch buttons to the Course Grid,  Review Orders, Email Audit Trail and the Overview.  Your last updated and pending email statuses are also on screen.  This GoSignMeUp home page redesign loads quickly, so you can jump to your most common tasks immediately!  This page also takes advantage of your corporate branding, so that administrators feel at home.  Your company logo or branding is incorporated in to this home page screen for a clean, customized look.

GoSignMeUp’s online class registration software lets you focus on the course content, not the course paperwork! Save time, save money and make the entire process easier and more convenient for everyone involved – instructors, administrators and enrollees.

GoSignMeUp is used by organizations of all sizes and types–including corporations, health care, government agencies, and education and is perfect for professional development, continuing education, client education, and student enrichment. GoSignMeUp is ideally suited for face-to-face, online and hybrid class registration processes, and integrates with Learning Management Systems (LMS) such as Blackboard Learn.

For more information about the Home Page Redesign and running updates, be sure to contact GoSignMeUp at 1-888-286-4826 or submit a help ticket for support.

Increased Security Standards

Increased Security Standards

GoSignMeUp Registration Software is committed to keeping your data safe and secure and is implementing Increased Security Standards!  New Increased Security Standards require that user passwords not be visible – even to admins. This new change will help keep your passwords protected, even if a hacker breaches an administrator account. Administrators can still edit a password and make it something generic temporarily, then the user can log in and change their password on their own. Users can still reset their passwords on their own from the public side as well. Limiting password view is just one of the many steps GoSignMeUp is implementing to meet upgraded security standards.


For more information about the increased security and running updates, be sure to contact GoSignMeUp at 1-888-286-4826 or submit a help ticket for support.

Custom Field Columns In Course Grid

Now your custom fields are available to display in GoSignMeUp’s Course Grid!  Simply click the down arrow in the column header, choose the Columns option, then toggle the fields you wish to display on or off.  You can then click and drag the column headers to the left or right to change the display order.  Clicking the column header will sort that column in Ascending order – clicking again will sort in Descending order.  Remember too that once your on-screen data is displaying what you want, you can Export to Excel.

The Course Grid lists the content of your course data base.   It is a dynamic, customizable way to access and modify these courses.

The page is divided in to two main regions; Navigation and Content.

The Navigation area allows quick access to different screens and options within the GoSignMeUp system, and eventually will replace the top navigation.  Under the Courses option, you will find the Course Grid above.  Under the Users option, the User Grid.  Reporting options under Reports.  You get the idea!  Clicking on Dashboard under Courses will bring up the Course Dashboard.

Options for the selected page are listed beneath the main option in the Navigation panel.  For example, for the selected Course Grid above, clicking on Current, Past or All will change the default results displayed to “Current Courses”, “Past Courses” or “All Courses”.

These options are also available on the Course Grid itself, by clicking on the top sorting preset buttons.


Need more information?  Check the on-line tutorial in the Help Guide!Custom Field Columns In Course Grid