Accept Credit Cards Anywhere With Square

Accept Credit Cards Anywhere With Square
Charge for courses and materials seamlessly in GoSignMeUp using Square credit card processing – Accept Credit Cards Anywhere With Square!  GoSignMeUp Registration Software integrates with popular payment processors such as Square, Authorize Net, PayPal, Touchnet, Chase,, Nelnet and Ipay.  Its easy to charge for courses, or sell materials, with your course registration portal.  GoSignMeUp has a lot of built-in reporting features to help track these purchases as well.  You can even set up your system to charge for units – before and after course completion!

Its never been easier for students to search, sign-up and pay for courses using GoSignMeUp online registration software.  With this new credit card processor integration, you can accept credit cards anywhere with Square.

Please contact GoSignMeUp if you would like to start charging for courses or materials using Square or other payment gateway.


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Use Canvas To Track Professional Growth

Use Canvas To Track Professional Growth
Use Canvas To Track Professional Growth!

GoSignMeUp integrates with Canvas and will allow your staff to easily
register for both Online and In-Seat Professional Development.
You can then track and analyze their progress with robust reporting tools.
Take advantage of GoSignMeUp’s automated e-mails,
completion certificates and surveys.

You’ll wonder how you ever got along without it!

Find out more Here!Visit Canvas.GoSignMeUp.Com for the whole story

Automated Email
automated email features

Canvas & In-Seat Courses
manage in-seat and online canvas courses

Reports & Analytics
GoSignMeUp has lots of reporting options and analytics

If you need to manage both in-seat and online courses, GoSignMeUp is the only solution.
Need to charge for coursessell materials or offer an external catalog to a public market? Call GoSignMeUp!
Promote paid or free programs with GoSignMeUp’s institution branded storefront catalog.

If you would like to use your Learning Management system for Professional Development, GoSignMeUp is your answer!
Manage both in-seat and online courses in one place – offer LMS courses to the public!
Turn your LMS in to an income stream using GoSignMeUp!

GoSignMeUp and Canvas integrate to create a robust Professional Development solution.

For more information click here:

Video Blog – May 1 – Registration Form & Checkout

Registration Form & Checkout

This installment of Greg’s Video Blog talks about setting up the Registration Form & Checkout.   GoSignMeUp lets you customize your student registration forms and the importance of quick and concise check-out process.  More information here –

GoSignMeUp is customizable so you have total control over your registration forms.  You can have as many or few fields as you wish!  Add additional fields to your registration form to match your unique registration requirements – the fields are customizable.  Students can register their interest in taking a class that is full by joining a wait list.

Looking to restrict access? Require members to login before they can view your class catalog or register.


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Find Classes

GoSignMeUp Video Blog – April 12 – Ways To Find Classes

This installment of Greg’s Video Blog talks about all the ways a student can find classes by searching on the GoSignMeUp public-side catalog.
Display your courses as a simple list, which can be sorted by name, date, time and location. Or add graphic elements in a tile view for more visual pizzazz!
Visitors can search based on keyword, category, date range, course number, start date, course name, and other custom variables.

GoSignMeUp makes it easy!  Users can search, sign-up and pay using the front-facing catalog page.

Its easy to Find Classes using GoSignMeUp online registration software!

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If you have any questions, comments or requests for future video blog installments, contact Greg at | (262) 347-3374

OKTA Integration

Our latest press release about OKTA Integration;

GoSignMeUp, the leading professional development management solution, has integrated with Okta for identity-based authentication. Professional development management software provider GoSignMeUp recently announced that the company’s software platform is now integrated with Okta. Okta Identity Integration provides single sign-on (SSO) access to authenticate users on the online course management tool. Okta, based in San Francisco, California, is one of the world’s leading authorities on cloud-based identity security technologies, and is an ideal partner for the course management experts. “We’re thrilled to be able to integrate Okta’s SSO tools into our product,” says a spokesperson for the company, which is headquartered in Irvine, California. “This identity verification system allows users to sign onto our platform using one online identity for ease of use.” To learn more about the addition of these identity integration features, visit

Instructor Roster Report

Instructor Roster Report


The Instructor Roster Report found on the Instructor Dashboard is basically the same as the normal administrator roster report, but it only shows a single Instructor’s courses.  Previously it was difficult for an instructor to see which students are enrolled in a course, but now its only a few clicks away on their Dashboard!  The Report also shows information like the students’ email, phone number, and more.  Instructors can use this report rather than make a sign-in sheets as an easy way to see and use this information.

For more information on the Roster Report, click here.


GoSignMeUp 20th Anniversary

( — January 19, 2017) Irvine, California –Leading professional development management solution provider GoSignMeUp has reached a business milestone in 2017; GoSignMeUp 20th Anniversary!  The company, established in 1996 and making its first sale the following year, is celebrating its 20th year in business.  Originally developed by Ed MacNevin, the co-founder and CEO of the company, it was designed to create an efficient online course registration system. Today, the company’s software solution is in use by thousands of users, including educational institutions, government agencies, healthcare firms, and corporate training environments. “Our software represents an efficient way to manage training and professional development,” says a company spokesperson. “Although we have added many features over the years, our original concept still serves as the core of the platform.” To learn more about the history of the company and its product development, visit


Our latest press release announcing our 20th Anniversary. GoSignMeUp – we are the registration experts!

5 Elements in a Successful Professional Development Plan

by Michael Morrison, GoSignMeUp

1. Needs Assessment. There are several ways that you can gather an organization’s needs.

  • Survey the stakeholders
  • Make a list of required initiatives
  • Revisit your vision to create classes and tracks related to where you want to go

2. Design effective Courses According to nea Today, “In schools where professional learning is centered around job-embedded collaboration with a focus on student results, teachers feel less isolated and experience a greater sense of confidence and job satisfaction—basically, the antithesis of the type of professional development that occurs outside the school, away from actual instruction, and away from students.”

So the question is how do we design courses that are not “sit and get” but extend beyond the one shot staff development.  The answer is to design courses that live on through a Learning Management System.   The technique is simple.  When you have a staff development day or session, create an online class for the session.  This not only allows you to post the materials but lets you start discussions that can last beyond a “Spray and Prey” session.

There are several good LMS systems that allow you to do this well like Blackboard, Haiku LMS, and Canvas.  A tool that connects the sign-up process, print name tags but also register people in the classes is called GoSignMeUp and can connected to all three of the above mentioned systems.

3. Make It Fun.   A lot of people miss this fun playful side of staff development.  Many Learning Management Systems offer badges for courses and GoSignMeUp can track if the courses were completed in a certain strand and send out a certificate.   Creating a multi tier approach encourages growth. “Gamify” the process.   People can be motivated to gather the next level by a sense of accomplishment and the want to build a resume or move up in the organization.

4.  Create Learning Communities – Scrumify it. By pairing up staff with each other, you can create small learning communities that focus on continual improvement of the organization.   These smaller groups can push forward short increments if they are given authority to do so.  This process of a Scrum is similar to a rugby match in which you join in a Scrum to move the ball forward.  Learn more about the Scrum process here.

5. Measure Results. If it is worth teaching it is worth measuring.   Find reliable metrics that can assess your staff development goals.  Is it a specific goal that you want students in a school to achieve or knowledge need to launch a new product for a company.


For more information on how GoSignMeUp can help you create a successful professional development plan, call 1-888-286-4826, or fill out our contact form.