Instructor Roster Report

The Instructor Roster Report found on the Instructor Dashboard is basically the same as the normal administrator roster report, but it only shows a single Instructor’s courses.  Previously it was difficult for an instructor to see which students are enrolled in a course, but now its only a few clicks away on their Dashboard!

This report also shows information like the students’ email, phone number, and more.  Instructors can use this report rather than make a sign-in sheets as an easy way to see and use this information.  There are many useful reporting tools in GoSignMeUp!

Customizable and Exportable
History and Analytics

Individual Student Data – You can easily create transcript, class history, class credits, attendance and financial reports.

Event Reports – There are numerous reports for rosters, event comparison, enrollment data and financial analytics. These can be reports for individual events or comparisons of many events.

Financial – There are many reports providing you payment information for individuals as well as Event financial overviews. You will have access to your cash flow and get a good summary for individual events as well as event comparisons.

Export  – Analyze your data using third-party applications like Microsoft Excel.

The Instructor Roster Report is just one of many!

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