Haiku Learning integrates with GoSignMeUp Online Registration

Whether you’re a professional development organization, or a school looking to expand your internal PD program, the combination of Haiku Learning and GoSignMeUp provides you with a streamlined solution to deliver courses from registration to content-delivery to closeout.

To visualize how Haiku Learning and GoSignMeUp facilitate professional development, imagine a bookshelf; the books are the content and teaching tools inside of Haiku Learning and the bookends that hold everything together are GoSignMeUp!

On the front end, GoSignMeUp simplifies enrollment to an external audience by making it easy for users to search for courses, sign-up for them, pay, and get enrolled.

Once the course starts, Haiku Learning is where the course lives. Class teachers can create contextualized learning experiences that marry content and skills using the platform’s simple drag-and drop interface. Amongst other things, they can easily embed YouTube videos and hundreds of other web 2.0 apps; hold Discussion forums to facilitate collaboration; and offer a variety of assessments with auto-grading. There’s also an analytics dashboards to track activity and performance at a glance.

On the back end, GoSignMeUp manages the administration of the program like tracking course education units, transcript reporting, and sending out surveys and completion certificates! Plus, our powerful analytics are perfect for federal, state, and local reporting as well, to fine-tune and modify classes and course pathways.

And there it is: a streamlined, yet robust, professional development program. Haiku Learning integrates with GoSignMeUp Online Registration!

With Haiku Learning and GoSignMeUp, teachers get a 21st century learning platform to develop their skills and administrators get a powerful tool to manage the whole program!

For more information on how Haiku Learning Platform integrates with GoSignMeUp Registration, visit http://haiku.gosignmeup.com/