Course Grid

Course Grid

GoSignMeUp now offers a  interactive Curriculum Management portal called the Course Grid.

This feature allows you to quickly find and sort thru your course database. Sort by Category, Sub-Category or any of the user-definable columns. Change which columns are displayed, and sort ascending or descending from each one! Its easy to see your curriculum at a glance.  Even export to Excel!

Once you locate the course you want, choose from a list of handy actions; Print sign-in sheets or certificates – take attendance – send attendees emails – move or replace students! It’s all right at your fingertips with the course grid. Need more detail? Click the course title to open the course dash for more! Streamline curriculum management with the Course Grid in GoSignMeUp.


  • Take Attendance
  • Print Sign-in Sheet
  • Transcript
  • Print Name Cards & Labels
  • Duplicate Course
  • Print Certificates
  • Move and Replace Students


  • Instructor
  • Course Name
  • Course Location
  • Course Description


  • Current/Past
  • Internal/Public
  • Cancelled/Low Enrollment
  • Category/Sub-Category
  • Date Range
  • Alphanumeric
  • Highest Earnings