Expand Your Market – Promote, Enrich, Enroll

GoSignMeUp offers some very powerful tools to help you expand your market without expanding your marketing budget.

GoSignMeUp delivers precise data-mining features to promote future class offerings based on student history and demographics. It is easy to create email lists and emails directly from within GoSignMeUp, or to export these names into any mail application.

Classes can also be promoted directly from your website. As you create new classes, you can dynamically link them in to your website via Google Calendar or RSS feed. As you add and change your classes, they will automatically be updated on your home page! Potential enrollees are able to click on the individual classes and automatically be redirected to your GoSignMeUp system to enroll immediately!

GoSignMeUp also delivers the ability to automatically post your classes into your organization’s Facebook page. This opens up a whole new level of viral marketing that will greatly enhance class enrollments. Students can also recommend courses they like to their peers by clicking the Facebook “Like” icon on the Course description page. Students are able to post the Course information in their Facebook time-line, along with their own commentary!

As you can see, GoSignMeUp provides an exciting set of tools to help you market your classes to a greater number of people without having to increase your marketing dollars!

Expand Your Market

      Enrollment Statistics

Get a real-time accounting of every class you currently have running on the system. See course status, enrollment, wait list and more. Click on any course title to see the entire course roster and manage the waiting list.

    Course Promotion

oSignMeUp is excited to be working with our latest partner, GetPromotd. Think of them as an online publicist! You will instantly see your events listed across all the top ranking event websites like Backpage, Zvents, Yelp, and more. From there, GetPromotd finds local event websites to submit your event on to, arguably, the most valuable of all attendees: locals. Click for more.