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June, 2015

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GoSignMeUp's Tips & Tricks

Tips & Tricks:
Monitor Transactions with the new
Daily Accounting Report
Monitor activity in real time with this powerful data mining tool.

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GoSignMeUp's new corporate office


Do you host your own site?
Let us do it for you!

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GoSignMeUp's new Transcript Module

Add Haiku LMS to GoSignMeUp:GoSignMeUp and Haiku Learning integrate seamlessly for professional development
Add on-line content delivery with a learning management system such as Haiku Learning to your GoSignMeUp system with seamless integration.

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GoSignMeUp's client of the month


Connect with us on the world’s
Largest Professional Network!

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University of Washington is using GoSignMeUp to offer courses for their Collaborative For Research Education program.

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