GoSignMeUp Course Grid Update – Now Includes Attendance Data!

GoSignMeUp Course Grid Update

Now you can see at-a-glance the attendance statistics for any given course right in the Course Grid!  With the GoSignMeUp Course Grid Update, you can sort on the data as well, to easily see attendance data or ascertain which classes still also need to have attendance taken and recorded (will show zeros in both columns).  Like any of the columns in the Course Grid, you can move left or right, or also disable by unchecking the column from the Columns choice drop-down.  You can also export the data on-screen to Microsoft Excel, for further data mining and manipulation.  With the GoSignMeUp Course Grid Update, your enrollment data is easy to see at a glance.  From the Course Grid you can also perform a host of other activities, such a print sign-in sheets, take attendance, print completion certificates, e-mail students, and more!

With the GoSignMeUp Course Grid , your daily tasks just got easier!  Search and sort through your current courses to see critical information, or export to Microsoft Excel for more options!

Contact your customer representative to ensure your GoSignMeUp instance is up to date, so you can take advantage of our continuous software updates such as the GoSignMeUp Course Grid Update!


GoSignMeUp Course Grid Update

Attendance in Course Grid

GoSignMeUp Course Grid Update – Now Includes Attendance Data!

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Sharing Course Details

Sharing Course Details

Now sharing course details is easier than ever!  Responding to customer feedback we have revised the links for the Expanded Course Description details to be much shorter and less cryptic-looking.  Now our customers enjoying the new Ruby public-facing interface can more easily share course information with others thru social media such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook , Email or simply copying/pasting the link.

Sharing Course Details

The Expanded Course Description allows you to share the course information via social media or email.

At the top left of the expanded course description page you will find the sharing options.  Simply clicking on the buttons for LinkedIn, Twitter, or Facebook will quickly allow you to share the course link on those popular social platforms.  You can also easily Email or copy the link using the remaining two options.  This makes sharing courses easy for your students, and helps promote the courses to raise attendance!

Sharing Course Details

Now the links back to your course descriptions are much smaller and less cryptic looking!

Use the social media sharing options and the new shorter URLs to boost attendance and promote your courses using GoSignMeUp!  Sharing Course Details has never been easier!

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Applying Coupons To Individual Courses

Applying Coupons To Individual Courses

Now GoSignMeUp can be configured to use multiple-coupon codes during check out-  either for the whole order or for an individual course!  Users can’ stack’ many coupons per order and  determine which course it is applied to. 

Applying Coupons To Individual Courses

Simply enable the options in the System Configuration | Coupons (above) area to see it in action (below).

Applying Coupons To Individual Courses


Creating coupons is easy and you can select to use a ‘global’ coupon to be applied to the entire order, or to use the ‘stacked’ coupon which is course specific. Creating course specific (Stacked) coupons automates the process of efficient accounting reports. There would be no need to calculate the discount to a specific course, as that may have been necessary when using one coupon for the entire order. Identifying the actual discounted amount per course is so much easier.

The discount can be a fixed dollar amount or a percentage. The user simply enters the coupon code, then clicks ‘Apply Coupon’.

Coupon codes are maintained and distributed by administrators, and are a great way to promote courses and increase attendance.

Click here for the Help Guide

Looking for a way to simplify your class registration process?
GoSignMeUp is online registration made easy!
GoSignMeUp’s online registration software lets you focus on the course content, not the course paperwork!

Increase enrollments, save time, save money, expand your market and make the entire process easier and more convenient for everyone involved – instructors, administrators and enrollees.  GoSignMeUp integrates with popular Learning Management Systems to create the perfect solution for professional development and continuing education.

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Certification – Custom Course Certificates

One of the more powerful features within the GoSignMeUp system is the ability to create Custom Course Completion certificates.  This one of the many tools for professional development and certification contained withing GoSignMeUp – The system can be set up to automatically email a completion certificate to students when they finish a course, closing the certification loop! The design of the certificate is totally customizable using the Custom Certificate Maker tool – everything from the background decoration to the auto-populated fields are in your control.


The Custom Certificate Maker from GoSignMeUp allows you to quickly and easily create your own custom certificates! Now you can see exactly how your certificate will look, while you are making it! Simply choose which fields you want to display on your certificate, then drag and drop them in to place. Its easy!
Upload a pre-made background, or customize one with your company or event logo. Once your custom certificate is in GoSignMeUp, you can program the system to fill-out and email them automatically to students who meet your completion criteria. With GoSignMeUp and the Custom Certificate Maker, you can automate the entire certification process!

GoSignMeUp is designed to help facilitate staff training and certification as part of a winning professional development strategy.  GoSignMeUp’s online class registration software lets you focus on the course content, not the course paperwork!  Automate the certification process and take advantage of the custom course certificate tool in GoSignMeUp.

The articles below are in our Help Guide and are useful when working with Custom Course Certificates;

How Do I Create a Custom Course Completion Certificate?
How do I Print or Email a Course Completion Certificate?
How Do I Send out a Certificate to Students Who have Completed a Blackboard Course?
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GoSignMeUp Tips & Tricks – How To Use The Help Guide

How To Use The Help Guide

The Help Guide is an on-line resource where you can find information on how to use the many different features found within the GoSignMeUp system. If you have any questions about how to use a feature or have questions about what the system can do, the Help Guide is the best place to start.

To access the Help Guide, click the Help button found at the top right of any page in the Administrator menu (or click here!)

When you click the Help button the Help Guide will open in a new window.

On the Help Guide home page you will see a listing of the Help Topic Categories.
You can browse the categories to see what help guides are available under each one.

The first category is Training Videos – which is where videos such as this one on a variety of topics are available to view.

To find the section on “How to Add A Course” – first click on the “Courses” category.

You can also use the Search Bar to narrow down your options.

Clicking on a title opens up the Help Guide. Scroll down to get a step-by-step explanation on how to complete the task outlined in the title. Explanatory text and screen shots make it easy to follow along. If you prefer, you can also download the lesson as a PDF to email to others, or print out as a handy reference.
The Help Guide is the best way to research any questions and tasks you might have with the GoSignMeUp system.

If you can’t find the answer in the help guide, be sure to email GoSignMeUp support at support@gosignmeup.com!

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GoSignMeUp Tips & Tricks – How To Submit A Help Desk Ticket

How To Submit A Help Desk Ticket

The Help Desk ticket system helps you submit and track any issues or requests you might have while using GoSignMeUp.

The Help Desk system is how all questions and problems are processed at GoSignMeUp. You should always submit your questions or problems with a ticket, rather than email, so it can be correctly tracked and processed.

To submit a help ticket, first click the Help button found at the top right of any page in the Administrator menu. This will take you to the Help Guide. Here you can also first research a solution to your problem or question by browsing the categories or using the search feature.

If you can not find a solution on your own, click the Submit a Help Ticket button found on the Help Guide home page.

If you have a GoSignMeUp help-desk account click Log In in the top-right corner. You do not need to have a Help-Desk account, but it is useful to track and process your ticket. To create an account click the sign-up link. You do not need an account to submit a ticket, but if you do you can view a history of your tickets all in one place.

To submit a new help ticket – simply fill out the Submit a request form with your email address, Subject and Description. Please be as specific as possible in the description area when describing your question or problem – include links to the actual pages if possible as well as any screen shots using the Attach file feature. Don’t be shy – fill out as much information as you can!

Set the Priority of your issue, then hit the Submit button.

From here the ticket will go in to the GoSignMeUp Help Desk ticket system. From here you will be updated on the status of your ticket when it is assigned to one of our customer service specialists.

The Help Desk ticket system is the best way to resolve any questions and problems you might have with GoSignMeUp.

If you need assistance, be sure to email GoSignMeUp Support at support@gosignmeup.com!

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Roster Report

Roster Report

Roster Report
Looking for a quick way to see your students’ payment status on a course-by-course basis? Look no further, the Roster Report can help you do this.  Don’t accept payments?  That’s okay, you can hide payment related columns so the Roster Report only displays the roster information your organization needs.  The roster report also allows you to easily search for a class or classes based on date range, keyword, or category.
Find the following information:
  • Total number of registrants
  • Who has or is in the process of registering for a course
  • Who has and hasn’t paid
  • How much each person paid
  • Much more!

While similar to the old “Payment Status” report, the Roster Report is more user-friendly, visually appealing, and flexible.  You can even move and eliminate columns and see multiple courses at once.

Download our latest user guide and start using the Roster Report today. Just one more step toward making student and class management easier!

Looking for a way to simplify your class registration process? GoSignMeUp is online registration made easy!
GoSignMeUp’s online registration software lets you focus on the course content, not the course paperwork!

Increase enrollments, save time, save money, expand your market and make the entire process easier and more convenient for everyone involved – instructors, administrators and enrollees.  GoSignMeUp integrates with popular Learning Management Systems to create the perfect solution for professional development and continuing education.

Make online registration easy with GoSignMeUp!
Contact Us or Request a Demo Today!
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Tip – New Email Audit Trail!

New Email Audit Trail

Email Audit Trail

This is where you can see the emails that have left the system, and find out more information about them.  If you want to monitor user email activity, or see exactly what the system has been sending and receiving, then the email audit trail is the tool for you!

Check out our new help guide to learn how the new email audit trail can help you:

  • Verify whether a user received an email or not
  • Search for specific emails
  • Double check to make sure emails are going out regularly
  • See who (student, instructor, admin, etc…) took the action that caused an email to be sent

You can

1) Search: You can Search for specific emails or a group of emails. The text you enter in the search bar will be searched through the emails body, subject, to address, and Process.
You can also enter in a date range to search for certain email.

2) You have some more options to do here. You can export this list to an excel file.
Process Request: will do whatever is in the action area for the emails you selected. We will discuss this more further.

3) This area gives you more options to view this feature. If your search is more than one page, you can go through the pages.
You can also choose how many emails you show per page by changing the “Per page:” field.

It not only provides all of the functionality as the old email audit trail. The NEW email audit trail is more user friendly, allows you to choose a date range of emails to look at, choose what fields you want to see, export the information to a spreadsheet, and see the attachments that were sent in the email. Be sure to run your updates and clear your browser’s cache so you can check out the new email audit trail today!



Sell Class Materials Online

Do your students need to purchase and bring specific supplies to your class (e.g. paint brushes, textbooks, financial calculators)? Well you can make those materials available for purchase online using GoSignMeUp!

Students will love being able to purchase materials as part of the checkout process because they:

1) Won’t have to spend time shopping
2) Will be confident they have the right materials
Read more


Email Past Students

Tip – Email Past Students

Email Past Students


Is it possible to quickly email past students from a course that has already been closed?

YES!  GoSignMeUp has a ton of automated email features to make communicating with your audience a snap!

Here are a few different reasons you may want to do so:

  • Tell the students congratulations on finishing a course

An affirmation e-mail goes a long way to boost moral!  Boost confidence, attendance and performance with a post-course email.

  • Ask students what they thought about the course

Modify courses and pathways with a proactive feedback loop.  Surveys are a great way to keep your finger on the pulse of your audience.

  • Give students something for completing the course

Send out certificates of completion or gift certificates.  Provide students with course completion certificates to mark their achievement. Certificates can be manually printed and automatically emailed to class participants.  You can send out gift certificates with a coupon code for upcoming courses – great way to motivate future enrollment!

  • Advertise to the students about a new course

Future course offereings sent to those who might be interested will increase class sizes!

Below is a short video that quickly explains exactly how to email students in a closed course.