Add A Catalog To Haiku Learn

GoSignMeUp integrates with Haiku Learning

Add A Catalog To Haiku Learn

Are you using a Learning Management System (LMS) such as Haiku Learn to deliver your educational content?  Well GoSignMeUp is the perfect addition to your cloud-based content delivery system!  GoSignMeUp provides many features to streamline the registration process as well as manage and analyze student data.  GoSignMeUp is like bookends holding everything together, while Haiku is the content in the middle (click for video).  GoSignMeUp is how you can add a searchable course catalog to your system, so potential students can find and sign up for courses!  GoSignMeUp also offers payment options, should you want to charge for your coursesl.

  • An Easy-to-use course registration system that simplifies the enrollment process.

Our course registration system integrates with Haiku Learning to provide a Course Catalog.  This public-side course listing can be displayed, sorted, and searched in a variety of ways by students to help streamline the registration process and make signing up for classes just a few-click process!

  • Automated administrative features such as email confirmations and reminders that save you time and money.

GoSignMeUp’s  automatic email confirmations and reminders keep everyone involved up-to-date.   Teachers and administrators can easily email individuals or create custom lists of course attendees, teachers and admins.

  • Extensive reporting and analytics tools to help develop effective professional development learning cycles.

Get enrollment statistics, order information, accounting history, student transcripts, and more!

  • Accept On-Line Payments

GoSignMeUp also offers a host of payment options, such as PayPal. NelNet, Authorize Net and Moneris, just to name a few.

Add A Catalog To Haiku Learn

Get a Catalog for Haiku with GoSignMeUp!

GoSignMeUp’s online registration software lets you focus on the course content, not the course paperwork!
Increase enrollments, save time, save money, expand your market and make the entire process easier and more convenient for everyone involved – instructors, administrators and enrollees.
Make online registration easy with GoSignMeUp!  To learn why GoSignMeUp’s class management software is head and shoulders above anything else available, schedule a free online demo today.
GoSignMeUp – Online Registration Made Easy!

GoSignMeUp and Citrix GoToWebinar Integrate

GoSignMeUp and Citrix

GoSignMeUp and Citrix GoToWebinar Integrate

If you are looking for a way for students to browse and register for web-based training, GoSignMeUp is your answer!  GoSignMeUp and Citrix GoToWebinar Integrate! GoSignMeUp integrates with GoToWebinar by Citrix to streamline the registration and content delivery process.   A student can search and browse through current Webinar offerings via the GoSignMeUp catalog, sign-up and pay for a course.  Then the GoSignMeUp system will send students confirmation emails which also include links to the on-line content.  Now whenever they desire students can click the link and attend the Webinar!  The Citrix GoToWebinar system will serve out the cloud-based content, and also will track if and when the students have completed the on-line training.   The Citrix system automatically connects with the GoSignMeUp database, to update the attendance records and document what training students have completed.  Students can see their transcripts on line, and can even receive completion certificates once their training is finished!  Administrators can review the data using a variety of reporting tools  for student and class history, enrollment statistics and data-mining.
Combining GoSignMeUp with GoToWebinar is just one way to deliver content to your students, so you can also have face-to-face in addition to on-line and hybrid classes.  GoSignMeUp also integrates with true Learning Management Systems such as Blackboard Learn, Haiku,  or Canvas, to further expand your content-delivery options.  Streamline the registration and content delivery process with GoSignMeUp! GoSignMeUp and Citrix GoToWebinar Integrate!

GoSignMeUp is the leading provider of online class registration and professional development management software. Used by organizations of all sizes and types–including corporations, health care, government agencies, and education–it is the preferred registration tool for professional development, continuing education, client education, and student enrichment.

GoSignMeUp’s online class registration software lets you focus on the course content, not the course paperwork.  Save time, save money and make the entire process easier and more convenient for everyone involved – instructors, administrators and enrollees.  Call or schedule a demo today!  
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Sharing Course Details

Now sharing course details is easier than ever!  Responding to customer feedback we have revised the links for the Expanded Course Description details to be much shorter and less cryptic-looking.  Now our customers enjoying the new Ruby public-facing interface can more easily share course information with others thru social media such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook , Email or simply copying/pasting the link.

Sharing Course Details

The Expanded Course Description allows you to share the course information via social media or email.

At the top left of the expanded course description page you will find the sharing options.  Simply clicking on the buttons for LinkedIn, Twitter, or Facebook will quickly allow you to share the course link on those popular social platforms.  You can also easily Email or copy the link using the remaining two options.  This makes sharing courses easy for your students, and helps promote the courses to raise attendance!

Sharing Course Details

Now the links back to your course descriptions are much smaller and less cryptic looking!

Use the social media sharing options and the new shorter URLs to boost attendance and promote your courses using GoSignMeUp  Sharing Course Details has never been easier!

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shibboleth integration

Shibboleth Integration

GoSignMeUp has now integrated with Shibboleth for identity management and federated identity-based authentication and authorization. With Shibboleth integration you can take advantage of  ‘single sign-on’ (SSO).  SSO allows your users to sign in to GoSignMeUp and other different organizations or institutions using just one ‘identity’.   Shibboleth integration allows for cross-domain single sign-on and removes the need for content providers to maintain user names and passwords.

Shibboleth is among the world’s most widely deployed federated identity solutions, connecting users to applications both within and between organizations.  A user authenticates with his or her organizational credentials, and the organization (or identity provider) passes the minimal identity information necessary to the service provider to enable an authorization decision. Shibboleth also provides extended privacy functionality allowing a user and their home site to control the attributes released to each application.  GoSignMeUp now benefits from these features thru Shibboleth integration.

GoSignMeUp online class registration and management software saves training organizations time and money – and makes the user experience easier and more secure using Shibboleth integration.

GoSignMeUp also supports other SSO options thru an LMS (such as Blackboard Learn, Haiku,  or Canvas) or Google SSO.


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