GoSignMeUp Now Allows Google Analytics

GoSignMeUp Now Allows Google Analytics

Now you can set up your GoSignMeUp to track ‘conversions’ using a new programming feature.  This has been impossible in the past due to security issues, because every user has a unique session variable in the page URL.  Google Analytics still tracks these activities, but because every session is unique, its virtually impossible to set a page to trigger a ‘goal’ in Google Analytics.  Now GoSignMeUp triggers a hidden static URL every time a student completes the registration process.  This allows administrators to set the tracking page as a ‘goal’, and very simply track conversions!  This was the missing link to close the conversion loop and track the cycle – now you can easily compare your web traffic vs. registrations – all within Google Analytics!

GoSignMeUp Now Allows Google Analytics to Track Conversions!

For more information on how to this works, check out the GoSignMeUp help guide on the topic.

CAS Integration with GoSignMeUp for SSO

CAS Integration with GoSignMeUp for SSO

GoSignMeUp has now integrated with CAS for identity management and authentication and authorization. With CAS integration you can take advantage of  ‘single sign-on’ (SSO).  SSO allows your users to sign in to GoSignMeUp and other different organizations or institutions using just one ‘identity’.   CAS  integration allows for cross-domain single sign-on and removes the need for content providers to maintain user names and passwords.

CAS is a widely used identity solution, connecting users to applications both within and between organizations.  A user authenticates with his or her organizational credentials, and the organization (or identity provider) passes the minimal identity information necessary to the service provider to enable an authorization decision. CAS also provides extended privacy functionality allowing a user and their home site to control the attributes released to each application.  GoSignMeUp now benefits from these features thru CAS integration.

GoSignMeUp online class registration and management software saves training organizations time and money – and makes the user experience easier and more secure using CAS integration.  CAS Integration with GoSignMeUp for SSO!

GoSignMeUp also supports other SSO options thru an LMS (such as Blackboard Learn, Haiku,  or Canvas)  Google SSO or Shibboleth.


Contact GoSignMeUp for pricing information or questions about our registration software and CAS integration.

Add Haiku Learning to GoSignMeUp

Add Haiku Learning to GoSignMeUp

Add Haiku Learning to GoSignMeUp!

If you currently are using GoSignMeUp registration software to manage course registrations, its easy to add online content delivery with a learning management system such as Haiku Learning!  GoSignMeUp and Haiku Learning integrate seamlessly to create the ultimate on-line professional development platform.  Haiku Learning allows you to create classroom pages, add and organize content blocks, embed content from YouTube, Google Docs, Maps, Skype and dozens of other third-party services or create your own from scratch.  Resource sharing in Haiku Learning lets you share your classes, pages, and content blocks with any other Haiku Learning user–and use content in your own class created by other teachers.  With GoSignMeUp, potential students can then search, find and register for courses – and even lets you charge for them if you wish.  Turn an existing online training curriculum in to a profit center by allowing other people outside of your organization to sign up and pay for your existing professional development content!

Haiku Learning is designed to let you spend more time teaching and less time managing assignments, tracking down homework, and grading papers.  GoSignMeUp automates email reminders, class lists,  sign-in sheets, name tags, and enrollment reports – and has a host of other features designed to save you time and money!  Together these two programs compliment each other to make your job easier, and your content more accessible!  GoSignMeUp acts like book-ends, facilitating registration on the front and analyzing enrollment data on the back.  Haiku delivers the content in the middle.  It all comes together to create a powerful content delivery and management system! (Click for explanatory video)

To learn more about how you can integrate Haiku Learning in to GoSignMeUp give us a call at 1-888-286-4826, or fill out our contact form.  Expand your potential by adding Haiku Learning to your GoSignMeUp installation!


Benefits of GoSignMeUp Hosting

GoSignMeUp Registration Software can be hosted on your own company’s servers, or our own.  If you host your own registration site, you may not benefit from the maximum potential of your system.  There are many Benefits of GoSignMeUp Hosting!  When GoSignMeUp hosts your system, it frees up a ton of worry and resources on your end.  If your IT department wasn’t already overwhelmed, they might be if you add a complicated registration system to their servers!  Why do that at all?  GoSignMeUp can move your registration software solution to the cloud and relieve you of lots of hassles, as well as save you time and money!

Here are some of the main benefits to hosting your site on the GoSignMeUp servers:

Benefits of GoSignMeUp Hosting

Let GoSignMeUp Host Your Site

  • No Equipment or Setup Costs
  • No Hosting/Bandwidth Fees
  • No IT Staff Overhead
  • Domain Creation & SSL Management
  • Automatic Updates
  • Real-Time Access and Support
  • 14-Day Backup Retention
  • Load Balancing
  • Security
  • Easily Scalable
  • GoSignMeUp Tuned and Optimized Servers

Take advantage of GoSignMeUp hosting!  There are many Benefits of GoSignMeUp Hosting!
For more information, fill out our contact form.

If your organization offers classes, workshops, events, trainings or conferences for which participants need to register in advance, GoSignMeUp’s online event registration software can make you a hero. Why? Because this online class registration system will save your organization countless hours of administrative time, create a “green” and paperless event registration process, reduce costs and be available to take sign-ups 24/7. Everything from confirmation and reminder emails to payment management, transcripts, rosters and name badges, Blackboard integration and quite a bit more is all included – and automatically handled for you.

To learn why GoSignMeUp’s class management software is head and shoulders above anything else available, schedule a free online demo today.


Conquering the Content

Online Course Design and Development

Interested in moving your curriculum on-line?  Cloud-based learning is the future!  Long time GoSignMeUp user and advocate Robin Smith shows you how in her new book Conquering the Content.

Conquering the Content:
A Blueprint for Online Course Design and Development.

Nearly one-third of all students in higher education are taking at least one online class, and online hybrid classes are becoming more widespread. Distance learning is becoming the norm, but creating an online class is more complex than just posting course content on a website. Conquering the Content demonstrates how instructors can best revamp their course content to suit the online learning environment, and provides the tools and resources instructors need to transfer their effectiveness from the classroom to the online environment.

This book primarily furnishes online instructors with the practical templates, learning guides, and sample files to construct and manage their course content. Never before has online course design and development been so critical than now.

Be sure to pick up a copy of Conquering the Content a Blueprint for Online Course Design and Development today!

For more on how GoSignMeUp integrates with Leaning Management Systems and how Online Course Design and Development can help you put a successful instructional plan together, click here.

GoSignMeUp Online Registration and Class Management System

GoSignMeUp is a powerful online registration and class management system. If you need to deliver any sort of professional development, continuing education, or class instruction, we can provide:

  • An Easy-to-use course registration system that simplifies the enrollment process.
  • Automated administrative features such as email confirmations and reminders that save you time and money.
  • Extensive reporting and analytics to help develop effective professional development learning cycles.

To help visualize how GoSignMeUp works – imagine a book shelf;  the books are the instructional content you deliver and the bookends that hold everything together are GoSignMeUp!

The left book end provides a customizable website where the attendees can search, sign-up and pay for courses very quickly and easily. The automatic email confirmations and reminders will save you lots of time!

The books deliver the instructional content which is provided by you. This instruction can be distributed via Face to Face classes, online or blended classes.

GoSignMeUp also integrates with Leaning Management Systems such as Blackboard Learn, Canvas, or Haiku.

Once the classes are completed, the right bookend takes over providing extensive reporting and analytics to help develop effective learning cycles. Certificates of completion can be emailed out automatically, and students can also view their completed classes any time on line.

The bottom line is that GoSignMeUp is a powerful tool that facilitates student registration and payment on the front end – and manages the data on the back – like bookends!

GoSignMeUp registration software handles the minutia of administration detail – such a sign-in sheets, attendance, transcript reporting, grades, certifications, email notifications, and more!

This gives you more time to focus on delivering effective instruction and extensive reporting tools to analyze trends, and examine profitability, to fine-tune and modify classes and course pathways.

GoSignMeUp has a lot of experience when it comes to Professional Development – Let GoSignMeUp help you put a successful instructional plan together.
GoSignMeUp Online Registration and Class Management System!
Call or schedule a demo today! (Download Brochure)

GoSignMeUp and Citrix GoToWebinar Integrate

GoSignMeUp and Citrix

GoSignMeUp and Citrix GoToWebinar Integrate

If you are looking for a way for students to browse and register for web-based training, GoSignMeUp is your answer!  GoSignMeUp and Citrix GoToWebinar Integrate! GoSignMeUp integrates with GoToWebinar by Citrix to streamline the registration and content delivery process.   A student can search and browse through current Webinar offerings via the GoSignMeUp catalog, sign-up and pay for a course.  Then the GoSignMeUp system will send students confirmation emails which also include links to the on-line content.  Now whenever they desire students can click the link and attend the Webinar!  The Citrix GoToWebinar system will serve out the cloud-based content, and also will track if and when the students have completed the on-line training.   The Citrix system automatically connects with the GoSignMeUp database, to update the attendance records and document what training students have completed.  Students can see their transcripts on line, and can even receive completion certificates once their training is finished!  Administrators can review the data using a variety of reporting tools  for student and class history, enrollment statistics and data-mining.
Combining GoSignMeUp with GoToWebinar is just one way to deliver content to your students, so you can also have face-to-face in addition to on-line and hybrid classes.  GoSignMeUp also integrates with true Learning Management Systems such as Blackboard Learn, Haiku,  or Canvas, to further expand your content-delivery options.  Streamline the registration and content delivery process with GoSignMeUp! GoSignMeUp and Citrix GoToWebinar Integrate!

GoSignMeUp is the leading provider of online class registration and professional development management software. Used by organizations of all sizes and types–including corporations, health care, government agencies, and education–it is the preferred registration tool for professional development, continuing education, client education, and student enrichment.

GoSignMeUp’s online class registration software lets you focus on the course content, not the course paperwork.  Save time, save money and make the entire process easier and more convenient for everyone involved – instructors, administrators and enrollees.  Call or schedule a demo today!  
How does GoSignMeUp work? Click here for more.
To discover more, please visit www.GoSignMeUp.com, call 888-286-4826 or email, info@GoSignMeUp.com.

GoSignMeUp Course Grid Update

Now you can see at-a-glance the attendance statistics for any given course right in the Course Grid!  With the GoSignMeUp Course Grid Update, you can sort on the data as well, to easily see attendance data or ascertain which classes still also need to have attendance taken and recorded (will show zeros in both columns).  Like any of the columns in the Course Grid, you can move left or right, or also disable by unchecking the column from the Columns choice drop-down.  You can also export the data on-screen to Microsoft Excel, for further data mining and manipulation.  With the GoSignMeUp Course Grid Update, your enrollment data is easy to see at a glance.  From the Course Grid you can also perform a host of other activities, such a print sign-in sheets, take attendance, print completion certificates, e-mail students, and more!

With the GoSignMeUp Course Grid , your daily tasks just got easier!  Search and sort through your current courses to see critical information, or export to Microsoft Excel for more options!

Contact your customer representative to ensure your GoSignMeUp instance is up to date, so you can take advantage of our continuous software updates such as the GoSignMeUp Course Grid Update!


GoSignMeUp Course Grid Update

Attendance in Course Grid

GoSignMeUp Course Grid Update – Now Includes Attendance Data!

Manage Professional Development

Why have many large school Districts like Broward, Maryland, Azusa Unified, Kamehameha Schools and more selected GoSignMeUp to help manage their professional development?  The national shift to the Common Core State Standards and the need to access funding under the Race To The Top initiate have become a priority for most school districts. More than ever, a data driven professional development system like GoSignMeUp has become a necessary tool for a school district to acquire so that strategic learning pathways for staff can be strategically developed and easily tracked.  Manage Professional Development with GoSignMeUp!

Download this FREE book and learn the 3 critical areas that are vital for a successful professional development learning plan:
1. Easy-to-use registration process that provides an efficient way for educators to sign up quickly for professional development that best meet their needs. 

2. Automated administrative features such as course confirmations and reminders that will save you time and money.

3. Extensive analytics to help produce good learning cycles as well as federal and state reporting.


Download and learn how GoSignMeUp can help you Manage Professional Development!  To understand more about what GoSignMeUp does, check out this cool video.