GoSignMeUp Now Allows Google Analytics

GoSignMeUp Now Allows Google Analytics

Now you can set up your GoSignMeUp to track ‘conversions’ using a new programming feature.  This has been impossible in the past due to security issues, because every user has a unique session variable in the page URL.  Google Analytics still tracks these activities, but because every session is unique, its virtually impossible to set a page to trigger a ‘goal’ in Google Analytics.  Now GoSignMeUp triggers a hidden static URL every time a student completes the registration process.  This allows administrators to set the tracking page as a ‘goal’, and very simply track conversions!  This was the missing link to close the conversion loop and track the cycle – now you can easily compare your web traffic vs. registrations – all within Google Analytics!

GoSignMeUp Now Allows Google Analytics to Track Conversions!

For more information on how to this works, check out the GoSignMeUp help guide on the topic.

Conquering the Content

Online Course Design and Development

Interested in moving your curriculum on-line?  Cloud-based learning is the future!  Long time GoSignMeUp user and advocate Robin Smith shows you how in her new book Conquering the Content.

Conquering the Content:
A Blueprint for Online Course Design and Development.

Nearly one-third of all students in higher education are taking at least one online class, and online hybrid classes are becoming more widespread. Distance learning is becoming the norm, but creating an online class is more complex than just posting course content on a website. Conquering the Content demonstrates how instructors can best revamp their course content to suit the online learning environment, and provides the tools and resources instructors need to transfer their effectiveness from the classroom to the online environment.

This book primarily furnishes online instructors with the practical templates, learning guides, and sample files to construct and manage their course content. Never before has online course design and development been so critical than now.

Be sure to pick up a copy of Conquering the Content a Blueprint for Online Course Design and Development today!

For more on how GoSignMeUp integrates with Leaning Management Systems and how Online Course Design and Development can help you put a successful instructional plan together, click here.