Accept Credit Cards With Square

Accept Credit Cards Anywhere With Square
GoSignMeUp lets you manage both in-seat and online courses in one place, and those courses can be free or you can set up your system to charge.  Turn your online training in to a revenue stream by making them available to the public and charge a feeCharge for courses and materials seamlessly in GoSignMeUp using Square credit card processing!  GoSignMeUp registration software integrates with popular payment processors such as Square, as well as Authorize Net, PayPal, Touchnet, Chase,, Nelnet and Ipay.  Its easy to charge for classes, or sell materials, with your course registration portal.  GoSignMeUp has a lot of built-in reporting features and can help track these purchases as well.  You can even set up your system to charge for units, before and after course completion!  Other payment options are also available, including traditional cash and check transactions.

It has never been easier for students to search, sign-up and pay for courses using GoSignMeUp online registration software.  GoSignMeUp can be used alone, or for even more power, pair it up with a Learning Management System such as Canvas.  You can then charge for Canvas courses, or mix and match.  Managing both online and in-seat courses simultaneously is one of the big benefits of using GoSignMeUp!  GoSignMeUp offers many options to upgrade to features you need as you need them, so you don’t pay for things you don’t!  If you wish to enjoy Learning Management System features without purchasing Canvas, we have a host of modules you can upgrade to.

Registration Management That Grows With You

With this new credit card processor integration, you can accept credit cards anywhere with Square.

Please contact GoSignMeUp if you would like to start charging for courses or materials using Square or other payment gateway.

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