History of GoSignMeUp

GoSignMeUp History

History of GoSignMeUp

GoSignMeUp started way back in 1996 as a way for the Development Department of a school district to insure that teachers who attended trainings would receive credit towards pay.  The existing paper driven system wasted large amounts of  time trying to manage hundreds of classes throughout the District.

GoSignMeUp was created to register and track professional development and eliminate the antiquated paper system.  From its introduction GoSignMeUp was well received and continues to be a leader in the space.  Over the years we have responded to user requests to enhance the software, and add features.

The office dogs are sisters – Riley and Faith.  Sometimes their adopted brother Odi shows up.  They help keep things running well and no slacking allowed!  They have a lot of fun photos on the internet.

In 2020 GoSignMeUp merged with Learning Stream under the Lumaverse umbrella.  Both systems share a similar code base, allowing users to upgrade to different features as they need them.

Start with registrations and grow in to a powerful LMS with Learning Stream – the upgrade is seamless.

GoSignMeUp is Registration Management That Grows With You

For more information about GoSignMeUp call 1-888-286-4826 or fill out a contact form.