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Roster Report

Roster Report

Roster Report
Looking for a quick way to see your students’ payment status on a course-by-course basis? Look no further, the Roster Report can help you do this.  Don’t accept payments?  That’s okay, you can hide payment related columns so the Roster Report only displays the roster information your organization needs.  The roster report also allows you to easily search for a class or classes based on date range, keyword, or category.
Find the following information:
  • Total number of registrants
  • Who has or is in the process of registering for a course
  • Who has and hasn’t paid
  • How much each person paid
  • Much more!

While similar to the old “Payment Status” report, the Roster Report is more user-friendly, visually appealing, and flexible.  You can even move and eliminate columns and see multiple courses at once.

Download our latest user guide and start using the Roster Report today. Just one more step toward making student and class management easier!

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