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confirmation email

Confirmation Email

Students automatically receive a confirmation email when their class registration is complete. This email will contain a global message, and can include course-specific content if desired. Confirmation emails are also placed in the student’s account area where they can be accessed by the student at any time.

reminder emails

Reminder Emails

GoSignMeUp provides two automatic course reminder emails that can be sent to all course enrollees at a set amount of days prior to the course’s start date. The global message can be customized by your team in the web-based administration area. Manual reminder emails can also be sent by a system administrator at any time.

name badges

Sheets, Name Tags and Mailing Labels

Turn class rosters into printable sign-in sheets – easily customizable with your organization logo and your choice of fields to identify each student in the class – at the touch of a button. Automatically create and print name tags, table tents, badges and mailing labels.



Students can log in to their accounts and view or print a transcript of all classes completed. Transcripts can include the title, instructor, dates, and grade received for each course completed.


email tools for administrators

Email Tools for Administrators

When logged into GoSignMeUp’s administration area, you have the ability to send an email to a student, all students, all students enrolled in a particular course, an administrator, all administrators, a sub-administrator, all sub-administrators, an instructor, all instructors, a supervisor, all supervisors or a custom set of students based on identified criteria.

custom template email

Emails to Custom-Created Databases

Create an email database template that will pull a subset of the students in the system based on previous courses taken, demographic data or any other student fields. Send emails to this group, and then save the template for future use. Each time you use the template the database will be updated in real time.