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Search, Sign-up, & Pay

Searching and signing up for courses in GoSignMeUp is a snap! User-defined Categories make organizing, listing and finding classes a breeze. Classes can also be searched by keyword or class title, or they can be displayed in a calendar with a direct link to the class listing! You also have the option of listing classes directly from GoSignMeUp to your home page through Google Calendar or RSS feed.

Once a student decides to register for a course, the new Express Check-Out provides a quick way to sign up and make a payment! GoSignMeUp provides the ability for credit card payments as well as other payment options such as purchase orders and deferred payments.

Once a student completes the order, they are placed into the roster and then receive an email confirming their new class. There is also an email reminder that is sent out automatically before the class starts. GoSignMeUp also provides the ability for classes to be placed into the students’ iCal or Outlook calendar.

Make the entire registration process easier and more efficent for your enrolless with GoSignMeUp!

multiple categories

Search/Find Courses

Students can quickly locate courses, either by browsing thru the user-defined categories, referencing when courses are offered with the Calendar, or simply by typing in a keyword in to the search box. Its super easy for registrants to locate and sign up for courses using the many search features in GoSignMeUp.

multiple days and times

Multiple Days and Times

Courses and events can be set up to be on a single day or on multiple days. Each day can have a unique starting time and ending time. Online classes can be set to be for a specific time period or can run continuously.

multiple categories

Multiple Categories

Providing potential students the tools to search through various categories to find the classes they want is a staple of the GoSignMeUp system. Each class can be placed in multiple categories (such as placing a technology class for administrators in both the “technology” and “administrators” categories), but will fill a single roster.

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Calendar Listing

GoSignMeUp provides you the power to automatically post your classes in your Google Calendar that can then be integrated to your website. Students can then click the class listing in the calendar to see a detailed description of the class and register for the class.



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Express Checkout

Once a student locates a course its just a few clicks to put in their credit card information and process the order. Speed up the registration process with Express Checkout.

confirmation email

Confirmation Email

Students automatically receive a confirmation email when their class registration is complete. This email will contain a global message, and can include course-specific content if desired. Confirmation emails are also placed in the student’s account area where they can be accessed by the student at any time.

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One Click Promotion

GoSignMeUp is excited to be working with our latest partner, GetPromotd. Think of them as an online publicist! You will instantly see your events listed across all the top ranking event websites like Backpage, Zvents, Yelp, and more. From there, GetPromotd finds local event websites to submit your event on to, arguably, the most valuable of all attendees: locals.