Expand Your Market -
Increase Your Class Sizes with getPromotd.com!

GoSignMeUp is excited to be working with our latest partner, GetPromotd.

Think of them as an online publicist! You will instantly see your events listed across all the top ranking event websites like Backpage, Zvents, Yelp, and more. From there, GetPromotd finds local event websites to submit your event on to, arguably, the most valuable of all attendees: locals. In a final move, GetPromotd then submits niche events to online calendars related to an industry or topic of interest. Once complete, GetPromotd Analytics display valuable stats on how well your event did including where it’s been posted, the total traffic your listings have sent, the top performing websites which have covered you, and more.

The cost of this service is $15 per class or $200 for a package of 20 classes. This is a small price to pay for such an efficient and powerful marketing tool! You can access GetPromotd from the Actions Widget in the Course Dash by clicking Promote Your Course. You will then be directed to the GetPromotd web site to set up your course promotions.