Increase Registrations With Email Marketing

Are you struggling to get enough people to attend your class? Do you see more empty desks than you would like?

Well it’s time to put on your promotoin hat and fire up the email marketing! Regardless of whether you charge for your class or not, you need to do some basic email marketing to make people aware and willing to attend your class or you will be hearing crickets. So where to get started?

The easiest way to successfully market your class is by contacting old leads.

Email marketing via ‘old’ leads can be very effective.  Your existing leads may include people that called or emailed you expressing interest in taking a class but never registered, or even better, people who joined a wait list for a class that didn’t have enough availability.

Now that you have a list of people to contact, what should you say in your email  marketing campaign? While many people might encourage you to design some pretty email that incorporates images and tons of bullets points, according to author and marketing guru Dean Jackson, you will have more success sending a simple text email. Just make the subject line of your email the lead’s name and the body of the email a simple direct question like “Are you still looking for a class on <subject of your class>?” You should also put your signature at the bottom of the email as well, but that’s it. Short, personal, and expecting a reply. To learn more about why this simple approach to email marketing will have such a high response rate, and some crazy success stories, check out Dean’s podcast at http://marketingmonday.com/amazing/.

Don’t wait. Send some follow-up emails to old leads today – a quick and easy way to fire up an email marketing campaign!

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