Blackboard Building Block

Online registration for Blackboard!

GoSignMeUp is a certified Blackboard Building Block partner; we have directly integrated our product into the Blackboard software via their developer tools. Our strong ongoing partnership has created many systems in which users register through GoSignMeUp and are then placed in real time into the Blackboard system to start their online training.(Download Brochure)

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Automate registration and improve accountability!

  • Automatic course creation within Blackboard
  • Real time registration and seamless transfer to Blackboard
  • Advanced pricing and online credit card, PO, PayPal, or other payment options
  • Grading and transcripts, including automatic import from Blackboard
  • Easy email integration to send users content, links, etc. at your desired frequency
  • Tight integration to register from Blackboard portal, or from stand-alone website
  • Complete reporting, data mining and export features
  • Supports LDAP/Active Directory single sign-on integration
  • Creates sign-in sheets, name badges, certificates, and more
  • Flexible course setup and calendar view search features
  • Offers room management and online survey features
  • Configurable site branding with your logo, colors, etc.


Course Creation

GoSignMeUp can automatically create a course for you within Blackboard, or allow you to align a new course to a pre-existing course already created within Blackboard.

Registration Integration

GoSignMeUp provides a seamless move of students registered for a course into the Blackboard system. Once they are placed within Blackboard an email notifies them that they are enrolled and that they can start their training immediately. If the student is on the waiting list or not paid in full, they will not be moved into the Blackboard course until space opens up or they complete their payment


GoSignMeUp can be integrated directly into the Blackboard portal and be assigned to a tab in the interface. This integration will allow Single Sign On to work. When a student clicks on the GoSignMeUp tab to register they will be immediately signed in to their account. If they are new to our system, SSO will automatically create an account for them and let them continue the registration process.

LDAP/AD Integration

GoSignMeUp can integrate with your Windows-based LDAP or Active Directory server. User information can then be brought in as an up-front load or one at a time as students register for courses.


Gradebook Alignment

GoSignMeUp pulls grade data back from Blackboard and integrates it directly into the grading system that feeds our student transcripts.

Attendace, Transcripts, Email

When a student grade is brought over from Blackboard to GoSignMeUp, the data can be used to automatically take attendance in our system, transcribe the course data to the student’s record and email out a course completion certificate

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