Are 50% of your efforts to increase registrations a waste?

Efforts to Increase Registrations

efforts to increase registrations

Does John Wanamaker’s quote hold true for your organization? It shouldn’t. Today’s leading marketers separate themselves from their competition by actively measuring the return on investment (ROI) of their marketing campaigns and then only re-investing into the most successful campaigns. Being able to show ROI also helps these marketers gain managements’ trust, which in return, helps them secure more financial resources to invest into future marketing efforts.

You know measuring the ROI of your marketing campaigns is important, but getting started seems pretty daunting. Don’t worry. With a little guidance, you can begin running more effective registration marketing efforts in no time.


The first step is to create a registration funnel. Start by defining the progressive levels of interaction you have with registrants before, and after, they register for a class. Now place these levels of interaction in sequential order. The visualization of these progressive levels of interaction is referred to as a registration funnel. Creating your own registration funnel is the foundation for measuring the ROI of your marketing campaigns and establishing actionable goals.

Refer to the registration funnel visualization and definitions below to help you get started. If you want a free editable copy, add a comment at the bottom of the post with your email address or request a copy via Facebook.

Once your registration funnel is outlined, you are ready to begin establishing metrics for evaluating performance and testing different strategies. Look for our next post in this series discussing how to set up useful metrics!


Strangers = people that you may want to do business with, but who have not expressed an interest in your organization. Strangers can be broken down further into the following groups:

Searchers = people who realize they have an educational need and are actively searching for a solution. However, they haven’t found your organization yet. Searchers are associated with inbound marketing efforts. Ways of engaging searchers include: organic search rankings, social networks, blogs, news sites, links from partners and friends, opt-in email newsletter, forums and discussion sites, viral content, podcasting, webinars, and whitepapers.

Passives = people who don’t realize they have an education need or aren’t actively looking to have their needs fulfilled. Outbound marketing techniques are used to engage passives and include paid search ads, display advertising, contextual ad networks, buying email lists, site sponsorships, video ads, facebook ads, affiliate marketing, cold calling, tradeshows, broadcast, and print advertising.

Investigators = people who have performed some level of research into what your organization has to offer. However, they have not overtly contacted you.

Leads = people who have contacted you in some overt way. Examples include an inbound phone call, contact form submission, social media message, live chat, email, text, or an on-site visit.

Registrants = people who register, and if applicable, pay for your class.

Attendees = people that attend the class they registered for.

Promoters = people who provide a positive testimonial regarding your class, instructor, or training organization and allow it to be published. They may even publish it themselves via social media, email, etc.

Additional considerations

Paids = people who have registered for a class but have not yet paid. It is important to include paids if payment is required, but not at the time of registration. 

Repeats = people who register for and attend more than one unique class.


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This gives you more time to focus on delivering effective instruction and extensive reporting tools to analyze trends, and examine profitability, to fine-tune and modify classes and course pathways.

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