3 Ways to Persuade People and Increase Registrations

Increase Registrations

Imagine you are responsible for convincing homeowners to use fans to cool their home instead of air conditioning. Which of the following messages would you use to persuade people to make this change?

  1. Save $54 a month on your utility bill by…
  2. Prevent the release of 262 pounds of greenhouse gases per month by…
  3. It is socially responsible to…
  4. 77% of your neighbors already…

Would you be surprised to hear that message #4 had the greatest impact on changing behavior? In a study published in The Wall Street Journal,  several hundred residents received one of these four messages and were then tracked to see how their behaviors changed. Out of the four messages, message #4 had a 230% greater impact on behavior than the next best message.

Want to know why it was more successful? The success of this campaign is attributed to the psychological phenomenon known as social proof, and serves as an example of one of many studies to conclude that psychological factors have a significant impact on how people make decisions. With that in mind, we wanted to highlight 3 psychological principles that you can use to persuade more people to register for your classes.

1Social Proof  is the psychological principle that people look to the actions of others to determine what they should do in a given situation. In the example above, the desire for social proof outweighed the benefits of saving money, protecting the environment, and being responsible.

You can start applying social proof in your registration marketing by displaying:

  • Ratings and reviews from past students
  • Additional classes other customers registered for
  • Total number of people who have registered
  • Number of social media “likes” the class or organization has received

As a word of caution, if you have negative social proof (your ratings and reviews are negative, or no one has yet registered), visitors will be less likely to register than if you didn’t use any social proof at all.

2Scarcity is the concept that people place more value on a product because availability is, or is perceived to be, limited relative to demand. The product availability may be limited based on time or quantity. For example, a promotion saying a product is available for a “limited time only” increases sales.

You can use the principle of scarcity by communicating:

  • How much time is left until early-bird specials or discounts ends
  • How much time is left until registration ends
  • How many seats are still available

3Reciprocity is the psychological principle that people feel obligated to return a favor. This is the basis for many companies offering free samples of their product. For example, the free samples grocery stores such as Costco offer.

You are probably thinking, “This is great for physical products, but how does this work when your product is a service?” Well if you offer knowledge as your product, then you can offer a portion of your expertise for free in the form of a newsletter, blog post, whitepaper, online video, or visual aide. This strategy is commonly referred to as content marketing. It is one of the hottest trends in marketing right now, and for good reason. Not only does providing useful content make people feel obligated to return the favor and purchase your services, but it is also a great way for improving your search engine ranking and helps establish the author and publishing organization as an authority on that subject matter.

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